Benefits of a Workplace Lunch and Learn Program

Today’s job market is exceedingly competitive, and more employees are looking for ways to stand out from the crowd. Most often, this means acquiring specialized skills and training whenever possible. However, the demands of today also make it difficult for full-time employees to seek additional training via traditional schools. That is why more and more companies are offering lunch and learn programs as a way to re-invest in their employees and offer additional skills to those who want to move up within the company. Here are a few of the benefits of the lunch and learn program:

Incentivized Learning

Unlike meetings that take up regular work time and cut into productivity, lunch and learn programs offer an open-ended opportunity for employees to mingle and learn together. Most employees get burnt out on training sessions that prohibit them from getting their regular work done. By providing free lunch and holding the training in a less formal, non-mandatory format, you are more likely to get the people who really want to learn into the room and keep their attention throughout the seminar.

Community Building

Another benefit of lunch and learn programs is that you can offer training on subjects that might not normally come up during the normal course of business. These cross-training opportunities allow individuals from different departments to share information about their jobs and work together to form a stronger sense of community and collaboration. Again, the informal nature of lunch and learn programs go a long way towards encouraging open communication.

Ongoing Training Opportunities

Many companies only conduct training when absolutely necessary, leaving their employees in the dark for much of the year. By implementing a monthly lunch and learn program, it is possible to cover a diverse range of topics year-round and ensure that all employees have an opportunity to participate. Many companies take suggestions for workplace lunch and learn topics that employees really want covered so that they can show they are listening to the people on the ground and giving them real solutions. This creates a much greater sense of goodwill than dry training sessions handed down from management without any explanations.

Workplace lunch and learn programs are quickly becoming the best way to keep your workforce educated and engaged. By providing lunch once a month and inviting employees to join in on an open-ended discussion, you will be amazed at how much participation increases and how easy it is to build stronger teams in no time. You can cover a huge range of workplace lunch and learn topics in less than 45 minutes a session if you focus on what your employees really want to learn about most.

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